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Pure LED lighting New Zealand is 100% NZ owned company importing and designing lighting solutions since 2013.

We have a range of commercial, industrial and domestic style and finishes to keep up with trends in design, while still offering the class and quality that is synonymous with our name in the industry. 

Our mission is to set the standards of excellence within the LED lighting industry by providing only the highest quality fixtures and accessories. We inspire and empower our customers to take an educated step toward the use of ultra-efficient LED lighting. Our company is located in Taupo, and operate throughout NZ.  We are committed to sharing the leading edge technologies with you.

Smart Lighting that makes sense

Lighting control with widest range of smart-building services

Best in class lighting control system


High return on investment


Maximum savings


Easy installation


3 year warranty

Enabling a wide range of smart building services


Sub metering


Asset tracking


Indoor Navigation


Occupancy analytics & more..

Lighting Control Solutions

Commissioning made simple using just your mobile phone


Daylight compensation

The right lightlevel based upon the already present level of daylight


Combine luminaries into a group so that they all behave the same

Neighbouring groups

Increase user comfort by linking groups together

Corridor hold

Corridors remain illuminated as long as there are people present in an adjacent office

Scalable from 1 to 10,000+ sensors

How does it work?

Light fixtures act as Bluetooth beacons, allowing smartphones to help visitors find their way around a building. A lighting system which can pinpoint the location of people and physical assets within the building. An automation system which can use occupancy data and personal preferences to orchestrate an optimised and personalised building environment and much more!

Localise Equipment

Through our asset tracking technology

Occupancy Analytics

Through presence sensors independendent or integrated in the luminaire

Indoor Navigation

Send location beacon signals to mobile phones from every luminaire

Battery Free Sensors

Connect low energy sensors through our mesh to the internet

Lighting Applications

Commercial & Industrial

We have a range of products including  downlights, battens, panel, highbay and specialised lighting for offices, schools, retail shops, warehouses, etc. We also offer lighting designs and can deliver advanced solutions reducing energy consumption from 40% to 85%.

Domestic Lighting

Our range of LED includes flush ceiling lighting, recessed downlighting, retrofit downlighting, smart lighting, etc. We also offer complete systems including lighting control, home automation and smart security, etc.

Horticulture Lighting

LED lighting offer improved efficiency and enhanced crop yields for higher profits. The lights are are tunable that support plants during various stages of their growth cycles. This added adjustability lets farmers modify the light output to find the ideal light recipe to maximize yield and various types of crop growth.

Extraction & Ventilation

Martec provides LCD remote kits perfect for Martec’s full range of 3-in-1 heaters and exhaust fans. Further, they are capable of operating all functions remotely. An ideal solution for larger bathrooms or for when your walls cannot be re-wired.

Ceiling Fans

Martec Ceiling Fans are a product of quality workmanship, excellent materials and high performance components. Products range from life-style fans to extremely affordable Alpha FourSeasons. Our commitment is to provide our customers with quality ceiling fans.

Poultry Lighting

Provides Poultry producers with an in-system lighting solution that meets the needs of today’s modern poultry houses.Reduces electricity costs, decreases labour, maintenance costs and increases flock performance. Worldwide top dimming technology from 0.2%-100% without flickers.